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Ok, so recently I have been picked through hundreds of people and I am now the newest author of Clubpenguinexclusives.com. so please check that out I am still having some technical difficulties getting all set with the main author DQ 231 but he picked me so i am excited!


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New Book:The Big Book of Activities

Hey Penguins!
Today,I was looking through the toys and books and found this new book called” The Big Book of Activites” it will be released on Thursday,April 15,2010.This book will help you to write your own issue of The Club Penguin Times and teaches you how to make poems, jokes, and stories!
Here is what it will look like!

Also I found that the series 7 toys were added also to the list,also the book”The Great Puffle Switch!” was also added to the books.Another exciting thing is that the new game called” Elite Penguin Force:Herbert’s Revenge” was added today also. The book costs $11.70 USD,will you buy the new book?

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Mission 11 Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguin,
I have found this new picture of Club Penguin Mission 11. Check it out!

I think herbert might have been able to maybe get his paws on a Trap 3000 maybe! I can’t wait for the new mission to come out!

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Herbets’s Revenge Sneak Peek!

Hello penguins,
Today, Billybob gave us a sneak peek of the upcoming Nintendo DS game, Herbert’s Revenge. Check it out:

Billybob also told us that the game is really close to being done! I’m sure going to buy it are you?

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Series 5 Puffles Sneak Peeks!

Hey Penguins!

A few days ago I found this,a sneak peek of the series 5 Puffles!
As you can see they look happy and funny as always!
Here They Are!

I like the black one because he looks happy for once!

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Sneak Peek Of Better Igloos!

Hello Penguins!

A brand new Better Igloos Catalog is coming up next Friday so, I was looking around on SWF Files and found this!I found 3 items of whats coming up take a look at these! Some i found from the newspaper so they should be right!

The lamp and the couch or sofa is 2 of the 3 items and here is the 3rd!

I’d say this was the hardest to find but im pretty good at these types of things.I think these would be great items for anyone!Especialy Pink Puffles or Purple Puffles they would go great with any furniture!

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New Coloring Page-Tip The Ice Berg!

Hello Penguins!
Today Club Penguin has released a new Coloring Page in the Fun Activities Page,in the Community! Here it is!

I always have a great time coloring these tell me what your favorite coloring page of all is!

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